Thursday, December 29, 2011

Squealing and Blowing Raspberries

And now we have hit the squealing faze.  At almost three and a half months, Moon Baby has just found the right pitch to rattle the windows.  When he is hungry, tired or has a wet diaper, the alarm rings!  I do feel lucky that he only yells and squeals when there is a real, solvable problem.  I don't have to make to many guesses to figure out how to make him happy again.

No problem now though.  He is sleeping in his favorite position, on my lap with his boppy supporting his back and his face pressed up to his "security boob."  This always makes me laugh because my breast is bigger than his head.  Watching him sleep like that is one of the many great things about being his mother.

Last week his big new thing was blowing raspberries all day.  He thought it was the best thing ever for a few days, then just quit doing it.  Although this was coupled with drooling, so they were wet and bubbly, I would happily go back to that faze.

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