Monday, June 11, 2012

Can I actually make a functioning cloth diaper??

I love using cloth diapers and I've really started to think about making some of my own.  I'm becoming more and more friendly with my sewing machine.  For years it's mostly been gathering dust.  I sure don't remember very much of what I learned in my 8th grade home economics class, so it's involved a lot of online research and YouTube videos.  Maybe some time I will be able to take a local class, but for now I'm just trying to use the machine more.  The most complicated project that I've completed lately is a simple draw string skirt for myself, although I did make some other clothing items back in high school.  Can I make my own diapers?

I'm going to start by trying to make a T-shirt fitted diaper.  We like using fitteds, coverless or with wool covers, around the house and at night.  So, we would use it and it wouldn't involve getting a bunch of specialized or expensive materials.  This way I can figure out what pattern I like most while expanding my sewing skills.  I just need to get a pattern together for my diaper.  This has the overall shape, snap placement, and elastic placement.  I know I need to use snaps because Hubby just doesn't want to use any of our snapless fitteds.  Snappis don't work well with knit materials anyway.  There are a few popular free diaper patterns available online, but I think I'll try drawing up my own first.  The results could be interesting!

Maybe someday I will get good enough to make and sell some diapers for a little extra income (a girl can dream, right?), but for now I'll be happy if I can make one that works for my little guy!

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